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Live streams are here to change the world of live events forever!

Live streams are not a foreign concept for many who have lived through the Covid-19 pandemic. The platform that is currently keeping most of the arts and education industry alive has boomed over the last two years.

Live stream solutions and custom live stream set ups are some of the most sought-after services over recent months as people take to the internet to showcase their creativity or move their expertise to a wider online platform, while restrictions hinder them otherwise. At sbs-events.com we deal with live stream solutions regularly and we have watched the events landscape change dramatically as a result of the technology.

The live streaming market will be worth over $70 billion by 2021’s end, according to techjury.net and it’s no wonder when a whopping 500,000+ content creators stream online every day.

But what does this mean for performing arts, the live music industry and mass gatherings? And how will live streams affect all types of events moving forward as we transition out of lockdown and toward normality?


Live Stream Solutions


Saving Grace

Many would argue that live stream solutions saved their creative outlet throughout lockdown, especially musicians, entertainers, and live performers. Live streaming gave both performers and live venues the ability to bring shows to audiences via the internet and to this day, live stream performances are still going strong.

Up until recent weeks, livestreams have even gone as far as being utilised for funerals and mass religious gatherings. The technology has evidently defined how we connected with one and other throughout 2020 and beyond.

Platforms the likes of; Zoom, Twitch and StreamLabs have boomed as their user & consumer rates skyrocketed as a result of stay-at-home restrictions.

A considerable number of businesses and entertainers have relied heavily on a form of live stream technology to conduct their day-to-day dealings.

Live streams have always been around, but during the pandemic we have seen the content sharing solution hit new heights. This universal investment in streaming events is here to stay.

What is it about livestreaming that has captivated so many creatives and how have live stream solutions kept so many events companies, like our own, alive?


Live Stream Setup


Why Live Streams?

Streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ capitalised on the events of 2020 by throwing money at their platforms in order to churn out new content for people to consume. This was great for their industry as they knew where the attention of the consumer would be throughout the year. However, these companies were not the only ones to sniff out the golden opportunity.

Bands, performers, and artists alike quickly realised that despite the total derailment of the live performance industry, there was still a ravenous hunger for shows and live performances. People were willing to take them however they came.

It is easy to pre-record live performance and release it to audiences online, but this method lacked that feeling of community and spectacle that a truly ‘live’ performance hold.

The market for live stream performances and events was open and ready to dominate.

People were suddenly able to watch their favourite performers take to the stage once again and even be a part of anticipated events that they didn’t think were going to happen at all. People were interacting remotely and enjoying these events together, sharing the same exclusivity that they once could, all from the safety and comfort of their homes.

All of this was made possible through Live Stream technology.

Not only have live stream solutions changed how we attend events in a socially distanced world, but they are also changing the way events are broadcasted moving forward.

Live streams are not going anywhere any time soon!


Live Stream Event Hire


Live Streams Are Here To Stay

At SBS Event Productions, we have installed multiple streaming solutions in churches, music venues, education facilities and other premises over recent years, and there is no sign of the interest for these solutions dissipating any time soon.

Live stream setups and functions are being installed in bigger and bigger venues regularly as the industry shifts to a more remote, connected, and broader scale.

We expect live streams to be a cultural staple of live events within the next few years. One that allows audiences from all around the world to tune in to specific events that they would not otherwise be able to attend.

Want to watch that band you love play their epic hometown show, despite living half a world away? No problem, you can watch it live from the comfort of your own home with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of others! You can be a part of this new virtual world with the click of a button.

This is the future we are witnessing take shape in the events industry today.


Live Performance


Our Solution

At SBS Event Productions we provide bespoke live stream setups with clear audio-visual links and professional capture technology. Our live stream solutions are catered to our clients’ needs and venue parameters.

It is our mission to help guide venues and events hubs of all themes and sizes into the bright future of live entertainment, through our services and support structure.

If you’re interested in taking your venue to the next level with in-house live stream hire or live stream installations, contact a member of the SBS Events team today!

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