Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life so it’s only right to do it justice by making it as spectacular an event as possible. Wedding lighting, wedding bands and audio solutions are the go- to events packages for hire, when upgrading your wedding event.

At we understand that not everyone can work a full wedding production into their total costs, so we have put together a list of some of the best standalone wedding AV setups for couples booking a wedding on a budget. Especially those who are looking to take their intimate day to the next level without breaking the bank.



Is your wedding taking place in a marquee, single hall, or several small function rooms? If so, uplighters are the key to making the ambience colourful, romantic, and wholesomely immersive.

Uplighters are a very common lighting solution hired for weddings because of their simplicity, cost effectiveness and awe-inspiring effect when lighting up the day of your dreams.

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Disco Lighting

Bring the party atmosphere to life in the evening with a professional level disco setup at your wedding reception.

Hiring and working a disco setup doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. Whether you hire in a professional DJ or decide to work the playlist yourself, it’s the lighting that truly brings the party to life.

Once you are set up and engineer has tested the rig, simply plug them in and let the lights take your celebration to the next level!

Want to take it even further and give your guests a truly memorable experience? You can even take it up a notch with smoke machines, moving heads and even a disco ball setup!

What kind of party are you planning? Let us know and we will recommend the best wedding disco setup for you.

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Dance Floors

It is important to have a dedicated space for the high-octane energy guests at your wedding to show off their dance moves!

When hiring a full disco and party setup for your wedding, it is just as important to consider the landscape of the festivities as it is to have the party anthems on repeat.

If you are spending your special day in a marquee, on uneven terrain, or at a carpeted venue that’s not ideal to bust moves in, dance floor hire is going to be the best thing for you and your guests!

The SBS Events team work closely with stage hire and dance floor provider companies to bring these visions to life, cost effectively and bespoke to your needs.


Audio & PA Hire

Arguably the most important AV solution for a wedding is the sound system.

From dance floor music to guest speeches, you want to make sure that your guests can hear it all at a quality level.

Clear, high-quality sound is key to keeping the party going on your wedding day once the dancing starts. So, high quality sound systems are necessary. You do not want the first dance to be to a low- quality soundtrack after all!

You want to hear those kind and thought-provoking words when your family and friends take the microphone for their speeches, without the worry of mic feedback and a dodgy speaker system failing halfway through their toast.

The SBS Events team can point you in the right direction when hiring your PA setup or we can provide our own sound systems at a price that suits your budget!

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Outdoor Lighting

Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean your 2021 wedding cannot have some outdoor glamour incorporated into the celebrations.

Your guests can wrap up warm and enjoy the fresh air at your wedding, in a beautifully lit gardenscape. These simple lighting setups consist of festoon, fairy lighting and coloured lighting for trees and gardens.

These easy to equip lighting solutions turn the nightlife at your event into an outdoor paradise that you would only expect to see in fairy tales.

Speak to a member of the SBS Events team todays for recommendations of assistance in acquiring outdoor lighting for your wedding event.


Our Solution

At SBS Event Productions we provide bespoke wedding setups with clear goals and professional lighting and audio technology. Our wedding setup solutions are catered to our clients’ needs and venue parameters.

It is our mission to help guide venues and events hubs of all themes and sizes into the bright future of events entertainment, through our services and support structure.

If you are interested in taking your event to the next level with bespoke wedding event packages, contact a member of the SBS Events team today!