So, you’ve been tasked with managing an event and you’re looking for the right venue, team and production? How many venues have you looked at and thought, this is too dark and uninspiring! It’s not got that WOW factor that I need for my event! These issues are easily fixed when you engage with lighting and sound experts. SBS are just that…

Let’s use an event as an example for this blog, say, a gala dinner. These tend to be large formal or semi-formal events, including a drinks reception, sit down dinner and dancing. Often attended by several hundred guests. If you’re putting this on, the ambience of the room will dictate how people will feel and talk about this event for time afterwards.

Lighting is the first thing to fix or enhance.

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Lighting can instantly change the ambience and feeling of a room, especially when we put an engineer with a mixing desk on the job! With the flick of a switch, an engineer can change the colour of the room, create movement with lights and elevate the atmosphere for you. Going back to our Gala dinner example, the event will most likely hold presentations, speeches, awards ceremonies, and raffles. All of which will need good lighting for. Apart from creating a good ambience in the room, you’ll want to be able to light the stage and highlight any speakers throughout the night. All of which you want done as smoothly as possible as to not interrupt the evening. Remember, the point of an events company is to do such a good job, that the event runs as smoothly as possible. You don’t want to be worrying about the project management throughout the day, you want a company to come in and execute at the highest level.

Once the lighting has been addressed and set up. It’s time for audio.

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Audio is the hardest thing to get right at a venue and tends to have the most impact on any event. It depends on the type of equipment, the shape of the room and dynamic, as well as the person who is in charge of mixing the sound! It could have an adverse effect on the event if you decide to use a less experienced option. Moving back to our example again, you can only imagine what the night will lead to when you have a presenter speaking and the microphone is cutting in and out. Not only will they get frustrated but imagine the people who are there as guests! That’s just one example, we haven’t even talked about the potential band or DJ who would be on! Imagine an event without music? Or worse, music that is too loud or too quiet, too tinny or too bassy. We only work with the best equipment and sound engineers. People who have been doing this a long time and are experienced in difference rooms with difference systems and requirements.

As the host or organiser of an event, such as a gala, it is incredibly important to work with an AV supplier who first and foremost understands your vision from start to finish. This will enable the highest quality execution for the event. At SBS, we bring more than 1 or 2 technicians to an event as well, as we’re experienced enough to understand that you need more than a few people to run an event. We’re equipped and prepared for any size.

Live Stream Setup
Finally, how about visual? We already covered lighting, but what if you wanted to film the event? What if you wanted to live stream or in house stream the stage to screens around a venue? A high-quality stream can make the biggest difference to people’s experiences. Just like the audio, you don’t want to be squinting at a blurry screen that glitches every two seconds because someone has decided to hotspot the connection. You want a professional team to take care of this for you! We are equipped to stream or video any event for you.

All aspects of a gala or large event can be covered completely by SBS. We have the ability to help deliver the best event you’ve ever put on!