In today’s fast-paced world, companies are constantly looking for ways to conduct meetings and events that will save them time and money. This is where hybrid events come in. A hybrid event is a combination of in-person and online/remote participation, making it possible for attendees to participate in the event from anywhere in the world. This type of event is particularly beneficial for large businesses and organizations that need to hold meetings or events without requiring everyone to be physically present in one location.

At SBS Events, we know a thing or two about why hybrid events are important in todays world and how to make them a success.

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The Importance of Professional AV for Hybrid Events

While hybrid events offer numerous benefits, they can also present technical challenges, particularly in terms of audio and visual (AV) quality. This is why it is essential to involve a professional AV company when planning a hybrid event. By doing so, companies can avoid the stress of trying to handle the technical aspects of the event in-house.

One common issue with hybrid events is feedback on calls or in a room, which can be easily avoided with the right equipment and expertise. Professional AV companies can provide high-quality cameras, video switchers, and vision mixers to manage multiple incoming sources and send them to the desired locations. By using custom picture-in-picture (PIP) layouts, the AV team can create different content for online participants and those in the main meeting room.

To ensure a seamless event, professional AV companies can also provide good quality sound and lighting in the main meeting room. This includes the use of high-quality microphones and speakers, as well as proper lighting to ensure that those on camera are well-lit and visible. In addition, backup systems and redundancy should be in place to prevent any technical issues that could disrupt the event.

Taking Online Meetings to the Next Level

Hybrid events allow companies to take online meetings to the next level. Rather than relying on built-in laptop cameras and headsets, professional AV equipment can be used to enhance the overall quality of the event. High-quality cameras can be set up in the main meeting hub to ensure that remote participants have a clear view of the presenter. Additionally, the use of video switchers and vision mixers can help to keep the online participants engaged by providing multiple camera angles and sources during presentations.

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In conclusion, hybrid events offer numerous benefits for companies that need to conduct meetings and events with participants in different locations. To ensure a successful event, it is important to involve a professional AV company that can handle the technical aspects of the event. With high-quality cameras, video switchers, and good quality sound and lighting, companies can take online meetings to the next level and offer a seamless experience for all participants.

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