Here are six current trends in events that you won’t want to miss!


More and more event planners are incorporating eco friendly practices into their events. Sustainability is no longer a buzzword but has become an essential aspect of event planning. The trend includes using recyclable materials, reducing waste, and serving locally sourced food. Event planners are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint and are taking steps to reduce it. Incorporating sustainable practices can not only reduce the environmental impact of events but also promote a positive image for the event organisers. The SBS team are fully equipped to adapt to events that are being planned predicated on eco friendly solutions and practises, to the best of our ability.


Event attendees want a unique experience tailored to their preferences. Personalisation can include everything from customiSed menus to interactive activities. Attendees want events that cater to their individual preferences and interests. Take weddings for example the current go to wedding trend is rustic, autumnal themes. These subtle aesthetic choices can often be ruined with the integration of big lighting rigs and engineer booths. That’s why we have made it our goal to use the theme of the events to seamlessly integrate our setups, including them in the design, not interfering with it.


Technology is becoming increasingly important in events. From virtual and augmented reality to live streaming and social media integration, technology is changing the way events are organised and experienced. Event planners are using technology to create interactive experiences, such as virtual reality booths and live streaming of events. Social media is also a critical component of event marketing and promotion. Event planners are using social media to engage attendees before, during, and after events.


Attendees are increasingly concerned about their health and well-being, and event planners are responding by incorporating wellness activities like yoga classes, healthy food options, and relaxation areas. Event planners can work with health and wellness experts to develop programs that promote physical and mental health. The trend is not limited to fitness classes but also includes healthier food options, such as plant-based menus, and relaxation areas where attendees can recharge and rejuvenate. If you’re going to incorporate immersive experiences into your events, consider using AV solutions to further enhance their purpose. After all, atmosphere iskey.


Event attendees want to be fully immersed in the experience, and event planners are answering with sensory experiences like interactive installations, 3D projections, and virtual reality experiences. Immersive experiences can be used to create a unique and memorable event. Event planners can use immersive technologies to create interactive installations that engage attendees and provide them with a unique experience.


Events that celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity are becoming more popular. This includes events that highlight underrepresented voices, showcase diverse cultural traditions, and incorporate accessibility features for attendees with disabilities. Event planners can work with diversity and inclusion experts to create events that are welcoming to all attendees, regardless of their background or abilities. The trend is not just about diversity but also about creating an inclusive environment where all attendees feel welcome and valued. We have many ways of helping bring the vision of inclusivity and diversity to life with our tried and tested accessible solutions. In conclusion, staying up-to-date with the latest trends in event planning can help event planners create successful events that meet the expectations of attendees.

SBS Events can help provide solutions to suit these trends, to help enhance audience experience and make your event the best it can possibly be!

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