Sound is a crucial part of any live event, no matter how big or small the festivities.

At SBS Event Productions, we are committed to providing the highest quality audio equipment to our clients and only providing the best, fully trained engineers we have to offer, to operate the equipment.

Sound can make or break your event; it has the power to captivate your audience and make your event memorable,
or it can do the exact opposite, leaving your guests disappointed.

Our range of sound equipment spans from the latest and most sophisticated DJ equipment to superior audio systems and complete band packages. We are dedicated to providing a diverse array of comprehensive audio solutions, all meticulously tailored to suit your specific requirements and preferences. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled auditory experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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The world of audio hire is vast, encompassing everything from microphones and mixers to speakers and sound systems. Whether you’re hosting a small intimate gathering or a large-scale event, the right audio setup can enhance the ambiance, deliver a powerful message, and leave a lasting impression on your attendees. At SBS Events, we offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art audio equipment for hire, ensuring optimal sound quality for any event. Our professional team is always on hand to provide expert advice and technical support, helping you select the perfect audio solution for your needs.


SBS Events provide high-quality, professional recording services, suitable for capturing the magic of live performances or creating polished studio recordings.


We deliver immersive audio experiences with our high-quality equipment, perfect for creating a rich, enveloping sound field for any event or venue.


Whether you’re looking for an event or venue, we offer custom-designed sound solutions, ensuring you’re equipped with the perfect audio setup for optimal acoustics and audience engagement.


We are able to offer comprehensive services to carefully measure and control sound levels at your event, ensuring optimal audio quality and adherence to noise regulations.


SBS Events provides high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use audio-visual gear, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for performers and technicians alike.


Our experienced professionals are equipped with the technical expertise to operate and optimise your audio-visual systems, ensuring impeccable sound quality for your event.

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