ST Mary’s Church hire

Like many churches, St Mary’s Church in Southampton decided to stream their carol service in December 2020 and chose to produce a music video. SBS Events was delighted to be asked to provide a comprehensive lighting package – including technicians and a lighting designer for the day of filming.

St Mary’s were looking for a dramatic yet creative feel for the video and that was certainly achieved.

We provided a range of spotlights, moving heads, sun strips, general wash lights and fairy lights. All controlled via a Chamsys lighting console.

jerk jam 2023

We provided full production for this local festival. The extensive audio package met all artist demands, featuring a D&B series FOH PA system, an Allen & Heath SQ audio control set-up with SQ6 at FOH, and an SQ5 on stage for monitor mixing. We also supplied a Pioneer DJ set-up, and Technics’ 1210 set-up for seamless changeovers.

Our lighting package, designed in-house, included a variety of Robe moving head fixtures, Showtec sun strips, and IP profiles for facial lighting, all controlled from our ChamSys MQ70. We also provided crew and technicians for operations, as well as a stage manager to ensure the event ran smoothly.

Locality Fest & bootfest

In order to ensure a successful execution of both local festivals, our company provided a comprehensive audio and lighting package. Not only did we supply the necessary equipment, but we also offered the expertise of our highly skilled engineers and crew.

These team members worked tirelessly and simultaneously at both events, ensuring that all technical aspects ran smoothly and that the festivals were memorable experiences for all attendees.

Eastleigh pride

We provided a complete production solution, including technicians for operation. We offered an extensive audio package to meet artist requirements, which included a D&B series Front of House (FOH) PA system, an Allen & Heath SQ audio control set-up with an SQ6 at FOH, and an SQ5 on stage for monitor mixing.

To further enhance the experience, we supplied special effects such as flame machines, remote confetti cannons, and vertical foggers. We also took care of the temporary power distribution for the site and stage management.


Our team at SBS Event Productions were entrusted with the full-scale production of UHS’ award show at the Ageas Bowl, a responsibility we undertook with utmost dedication and professionalism. We were tasked with comprehensive video production, capturing every moment of the illustrious event in high-definition detail.

Our sound team, equipped with cutting-edge technology, worked relentlessly to ensure the audio quality was impeccable throughout the event. From the subtlest of background scores to the loudest of applause, every sound was captured and delivered with perfect clarity.

The lighting, meticulously handled by our skilled technicians, was designed to highlight and enhance the visual spectacle of the award show. We used an array of lighting techniques to create an atmosphere that was both captivating and befitting the event’s stature.

Hybrid london event

We provided full production, staffing, and technical support for this high-end hybrid event, which was streamed live from London to hundreds of internal employees and company clients. The video control system was comprised of Blackmagic switchers/hardware to facilitate a variety of seamless Picture in Picture (PIP) displays.

We integrated four live cameras, two of which were manned by SBS camera operators, while ensuring all graphics, backgrounds, etc. were on-brand. We also included overlays for all conference speakers to ensure attendees knew who was speaking.

Additionally, we provided a separate feed for the in-house screens that displayed content only, as well as a comfort monitor feed for presenters to display a custom view. Five powerful Pro Mac computers were used for content control.

BAE systems Apprenticeship awards Show

We provided a comprehensive package that included audio, video, and basic lighting equipment. In addition to these, we also supplied a stage that was not only carpeted for aesthetic appeal but also featured a valance for a polished, professional appearance.

Furthermore, to ensure a seamless operation during the event, we provided skilled technicians who were able to expertly operate and manage the provided equipment.

Naval Wedding

The boardroom of the historic HMS Nelson was the location of our most recent project. We brought with us a full lighting package, meticulously designed to highlight the stunning architecture of the large, beautiful Naval hall. The goal was to create a transformative atmosphere that would immerse all attendees in the ambiance of the event.

Additionally, we provided a comprehensive audio package. This was not just to ensure that all guests could clearly hear the speeches given throughout the event, but also to enhance the evening’s live entertainment. The entertainment consisted of a variety of performances, including the vivacious and energetic routines of drag queens, the live music performed by a band, and the beats from a DJ that kept the party going.

To ensure the smooth operation of all these elements, we also supplied skilled technicians. Their expertise was vital in operating the advanced equipment and ensuring everything ran smoothly, allowing guests to focus on enjoying the event.

fleetwood unchained

Our services included an in-depth lighting design, which was meticulously planned to suit the band’s space and needs.

Alongside the design, we also supplied the necessary lighting equipment. We also provided a professional lighting engineer who installed and optimised the lighting system, ensuring its faultless operation throughout the concert.

CHRistmas party at the savoy

We provided a custom-designed lighting package, carefully crafted to fully transform the stunning Savoy ballroom. Every detail was meticulously thought out, with the sole purpose of ensuring that the ballroom perfectly matched and brought to life the client’s chosen theme.

Our team of professionals worked tirelessly to create an ambience that would leave a lasting impression on every attendee.

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