Give your audience the best view of your event with a stage.

Any event which involves a performance, music, speaking or similar activities are far better appreciated when the audience have a great view.

We offer a range of indoor or outdoor staging options, covered stages, inflatable stages, or just simple stage deck hire.

Whether it is a small party through to a large multistage music festival, we have you covered!

We are always happy to talk and recommend the best stage options for your requirements and budgets. depending on the type of event, the surface, the audience size and how many people will be present on stage at one time.


Corporate event staging formal and sophisticated, reflecting the professional nature of your event. The design is typically minimalist, featuring a clean and polished look with subtle branding elements. It often includes a large screen for presentations or video conferencing, podiums for speakers, and comfortable seating arrangements for panel discussions. Lighting is usually subtle and functional, mainly to ensure visibility rather than creating an ambiance. Sound requirements for corporate events are primarily focused on clarity for speeches and presentations.


Staging for entertainment events, such as concerts or festivals, is typically more elaborate and creative. The stage design often features dynamic elements to create a visually stimulating environment. This may include vibrant lighting effects, backdrop changes, moving stage components, and more. Sound requirements for these events are more complex, focusing not only on volume and clarity but also on acoustics and special effects to enhance the overall experience.

A few things we’re great at

At SBS Events, we offer a diverse range of stage hire services, ensuring you have the perfect platform for your event, be it a music festival, corporate presentation, or private celebration, our expert team is ready to deliver a stage that suits your needs perfectly.

varied stage sizing

We offer a diverse range of stage sizes to suit any event, ensuring your performances and presentations have the perfect platform to shine.

choice of carpet colour

Our wide variety of colour options for stage carpeting  allows you to customise the look of your stage to match your event’s theme or branding.

your stage, your way

Depending on your chosen stage leg height, we offer flexibility in stage design by providing different valance heights, ensuring a seamless aesthetic that complements your event’s overall look.

custom paneling

We offer custom-tailored paneling options for your stage when a valance isn’t necessary, ensuring your stage maintains a professional and cohesive look that complements the overall style of your event.

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